Rescue Dog Days FAQS

At Rescue Dog Day, we understand that the world of dog celebrations can be as vast and varied as the breeds themselves! From specific days dedicated to puppies to international commemorations of our furry friends, there’s so much to keep track of. With the wagging tails and joyous barks in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we encounter. Dive in to clear up any confusion, and discover more about these special days that honor our beloved canine companions.

FAQs about National Rescue Dog Day

What is National Rescue Dog Day?

National Rescue Dog Day is an observance dedicated to bringing awareness to the countless number of amazing dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted, promoting humane education for young children, and encouraging spay/neuter.

When is National Rescue Dog Day celebrated?

National Rescue Dog Day is celebrated annually on May 20th.

Who started National Rescue Dog Day?

National Rescue Dog Day was founded by Lisa Wiehebrink of Tails That Teach, an organization dedicated to helping kids learn kindness, compassion, and empathy through rescue dogs.

Is it National Rescue Dog Day in Canada?

No, National Rescue Dog Day is primarily observed in the United States. However, the ethos of the day is appreciated globally, and dog enthusiasts in Canada and elsewhere often join in the celebrations.

How can I participate in National Rescue Dog Day?

You can participate by adopting a dog from a local shelter, volunteering at rescue shelters, donating to dog rescue organizations, or simply spreading the word on social media using hashtags like #NationalRescueDogDay, #RescueDogDay. #Adoptionday and #2ndchanceday.

Why is it important to adopt and not shop?

Adopting dogs gives them a second chance at life. Many rescue dogs have been saved from dire situations and by adopting, you’re not supporting puppy mills which often prioritize profit over the welfare of the animals.

Are rescue dogs safe to adopt?

Yes, rescue dogs undergo health and behavioral assessments before they are put up for adoption. Many rescues also provide training and rehabilitation for dogs, ensuring they are safe and ready for their forever homes.

What are some challenges of adopting a rescue dog?

Rescue dogs may come with past traumas or behavioral issues that require patience and understanding. They might need time to adjust to new environments and may require consistent training.

How does adopting a rescue dog benefit the dog and the adopter?

For the dog, adoption means a second chance at life in a loving home. For the adopter, the benefits include companionship, increased physical activity, and the psychological boost that comes from the bond with a pet.

Can I foster a dog instead of adopting one?

Absolutely! Fostering is a great way to provide temporary care to a rescue dog and can be a fulfilling experience for those who may not be ready for a long-term commitment.

Are there any events or activities organized on National Rescue Dog Day?

Many shelters and rescue organizations host special events, adoption drives, and fundraisers on National Rescue Dog Day. Check with local shelters to find out about events in your area.

How can I promote National Rescue Dog Day in my community?

You can organize or participate in community events, host awareness sessions, collaborate with local shelters for adoption drives, or even write articles or blogs to share on local community platforms. 

Do all countries observe National Rescue Dog Day?

While National Rescue Dog Day originated in the U.S., the message of dog rescue is universal. Some countries might have similar observances, though the dates and names might vary.

How does National Rescue Dog Day differ from other dog-related observances?

National Rescue Dog Day specifically highlights the importance of rescuing and adopting dogs from shelters, while other dog-related observances might focus on celebrating all dogs, promoting dog health, or honoring service dogs.

Are there specific breeds that are more common in rescue shelters?

While all breeds can be found in shelters, some breeds like pit bulls, Chihuahuas, and Labrador retrievers are often more prevalent in U.S. shelters due to various reasons like overbreeding, breed-specific legislation, and misconceptions.

How can I support National Rescue Dog Day if I’m not ready to adopt a dog?

There are many ways to support the cause without adopting. You can volunteer your time, donate money or supplies to local shelters, help spread awareness on social media, or even foster a dog temporarily.