Best Friends Animal Society Centre: A Beacon for Dog Rescue

In the expansive landscape of the animal rescue world, there exists a name that stands out for its relentless commitment to giving every dog a chance at a happy life: the Best Friends Animal Society Centre. This article delves deep into the essence, operations, and mission of the Best Friends Rescue Dogs Centre – an institution that has changed countless canine lives.

History and Background

Founded in the 1980s, the Best Friends Animal Society Centre emerged as a response to the growing number of animals being euthanized in shelters across the U.S. This group of animal-loving advocates, realizing the enormity of the crisis, embarked on a mission to establish a sanctuary. Their goal was clear: to make America a no-kill nation by 2025.

Mission and Values

Central to the heart of the Best Friends Rescue Dogs Centre is a set of values that prioritizes the life of every animal. Their mission, “Save Them All”, encapsulates their dedication to ending the killing in America’s animal shelters. Through collaboration, outreach, and advocacy, they believe that together we can pave a new path for our furry companions.

In connection to broader initiatives like Dog Adoption Day, Best Friends emphasizes the importance of collective efforts in rescuing and adopting dogs, ensuring they get the care and love they rightfully deserve.

Types of Dogs They Rescue

From the mighty Great Danes to the tiny Chihuahuas, from the exuberant puppies to the wise senior dogs, Best Friends has its doors open for them all. They do not discriminate based on breed, size, or age. Their belief is that every dog deserves a second chance.

Adoption Process and Fees

Adopting from Best Friends is a comprehensive process that ensures each dog goes to a loving home. Potential adopters undergo interviews, background checks, and home visits. The adoption fees vary based on the dog’s age, breed, and health status but are always reasonable. These fees help cover the costs of vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other medical care the dogs might have received.

Success Stories

Over the years, thousands of dogs have found their forever homes through Best Friends. From trauma-stricken strays to abandoned pets, many have transformed into beloved family members, living testimony of the center’s unwavering commitment.

Contact Information and Hours of Operation

The Best Friends Animal Society Centre operates year-round and welcomes potential adopters, volunteers, and visitors. They are located in Kanab, Utah. Interested parties can reach out to them via their official website or by calling their helpline.

Special Programs or Events

Best Friends frequently hosts events like adoption drives, training workshops, and community outreach programs. They collaborate with local shelters and organizations to amplify their impact.


What is the success rate of adoptions from Best Friends?

The success rate is exceptionally high, with a majority of dogs finding lifelong, loving homes.

Do they only rescue dogs?

While dogs are a significant part of their mission, Best Friends also rescues cats, birds, and other animals.

How can one volunteer at the center?

Interested individuals can apply via their website, after which there’s a selection and training process.

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