The Inspiring Journey of Hope for Paws

Hope for Paws is a beacon of light for countless abandoned and mistreated animals. It has been a pivotal force in the realm of animal rescue, saving the lives of many dogs and other animals from perilous situations. As we delve into its origins and achievements, one can’t help but wonder, “Who created Hope for Paws rescue center?”

About Hope for Paws

Located in Los Angeles, California, Hope for Paws was founded by Eldad and Audrey Hagar in 2008. Motivated by an intense passion for animals and driven by the countless tales of neglect, this dedicated couple decided to take matters into their own hands. Their vision was to create a sanctuary where the most vulnerable animals could find refuge and eventually, loving forever homes. This vision was vividly realized with the inception of Hope for Paws.

Mission and Values

The primary mission of Hope for Paws is to rescue animals who are suffering on the streets and in shelters. Their focus is not only on the rescue but also on the transformative rehabilitation that these animals need. They believe every animal deserves a second chance, a sentiment echoed in their rescue operations and their commitment to the furry friends they save.

Historical Insights

Since its establishment, Hope for Paws has garnered massive attention, notably for its heartwarming and, at times, gut-wrenching rescue videos. These videos showcase the real, raw side of animal rescue, from the intense rescues to the uplifting transformations. Their YouTube channel has touched the hearts of millions worldwide, further amplifying their cause and reach.

The Dogs They Champion

While Hope for Paws does not limit its rescues to specific breeds, it often finds itself aiding stray and abandoned street dogs, regardless of age or size. Their operations include rescues from extreme conditions, ranging from the bustling city streets to the remote desert terrains.

Adoption: A New Lease on Life

The adoption process at Hope for Paws is designed to ensure the best match between the pet and its potential owner. A comprehensive screening is in place, followed by an adoption fee that supports the organization’s ongoing efforts. Success stories abound, with many of these animals finding homes that provide love, care, and a sense of belonging.

Connect with Hope for Paws

To get in touch with Hope for Paws or learn more about their operations, one can reach out through their official website or visit during their hours of operation. Their rescue center frequently hosts events and programs, emphasizing community involvement and spreading awareness.

Special Programs and Events

Apart from their routine rescues, Hope for Paws also holds community outreach programs, educational sessions, and fundraising events. These initiatives play a pivotal role in ensuring sustained support for their cause.


How can I donate to Hope for Paws?

Donations can be made directly through the official Hope for Paws website or during their events.

Do Hope for Paws rescue only dogs?

While they predominantly rescue dogs, their operations aren’t limited to canines. They have been known to help other animals in distress too.

How can I volunteer for Hope for Paws?

Prospective volunteers can get in touch through the contact page on their website.

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